The Lady Show Returns November 13th!

APRIL O PEELIf you need an app that allows you to put cats in your photos, April O’Peel is your lady. And if you like your burlesque hilarious, she’s got you covered there too. A Vancouver Burlesque fan favourite, April O’Peel holds the distinction of being awarded “Most Comedic” overall at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. A feature performer for The Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, The Razzle Tassel Tease Show, and Kitty Nights West, April spends her time performing, teaching Burlesque classes and producing the epic showcases Burlesque Long From, Burlesque Duos and Gastown Cabaret. We can’t wait to have her on The Lady Show on November 13th!



‘The Lady Show’ Premiers to a Sold-Out Audience!

No one knew exactly what to expect for our first show but based on Facebook, we knew at least a few people planned to show up.

As we opened the doors, people started to file in and before we knew it, we were stoked to see our first show sold-out! Not only that but   not one single person asked for their money back. Amazing!

For those of you who missed the show – here’s what happened:

Believing that we are not only funny, but also physically gifted, TLS members decided it was a great idea to have a choreographed (I use this term lightly) dance number to open the show.  What we lacked in coordination, or what the mainstream media would refer to as ‘talent’, we made up for in enthusiasm.  We burst through the curtains with our heads held high and  threw our dignity aside as we danced our hearts out.  I can only hope no one caught it on camera because it was definitely 92% comedy and 8% dance.

The host for the evening was the incredibly talented Robyn Daye-Edwards who hilariously and masterfully kept the evening moving from number to number.

Fatima Dhowre took to the stage with her awesomely funny standup set, followed by Robyn’s awesome reading of Yelp reviews – most of which she suspects were written about her.  Robyn’s quick wit in giving her side of the story was hilarious and the audience struggled to comprehend how anyone would write a poor review when clearly she exudes charm and patience – even if someone orders three waters.

Next up came a character piece by Morgan Brayton that I’m sure will be with me in my heart forever. Little Mountain Gallery meet Roxanne Delacour.

Who is Roxanne Delacour?  Roxanne exudes, embodies, and frankly, IS glamour. Not suprising since she attended the New Dawn Academy of Modelling, located in Victoria, British Columbia during the late 70s and early 80s.

It was a thing of magic to behold and the crowd was in stitches!

After a brief intermission the crowd returned for The Lady News with Morgan and Katie-Ellen Humphries – a smart and funny news desk piece that reallly struck a cord with the crowd.
Following the Lady News it was time for a very special guest of The Lady Show, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, who did an excerpt from her show I’m the Bastard Daughter of Englebert Humperdink’ which gave everyone a sneak peak at the talented performer’s upcoming show at The Shadbolt Centre.

Next up on the bill was me, Erica Sigurdson, with a segment called Craigslist on Trial.  Having just flown in from Northern Ontario, lacking sleep and having never tried it before, I was a bit worried about whether the game would work.  It relied on the audience captioning horrible pictures from Criagslist and then me reading them and having fun with what was written.  Thankfully the audience did not disappoint and made my job very easy as they wrote some pretty hilarious stuff.

Roxanne Delacour

PHOTO: Vancouver Courier – Rebecca Blissett


Craigslist on Trial –

While I awkwardly tried to pick up pieces of hilarious audience suggestions, Robyn returned to the stage ready to introduce Katie-Ellen Humphries back to the stage, this time performing a ten minute standup comedy routine that could not have been better received.  Katie’s dry wit and hilarious observations left everyone with sore cheeks.

And with that, the ladies returned to the stage for a quick, somewhat impromptu sketch celebrating everything from pumpkin spice to women supporting each other.  A fitting end to the beginning of something great!